Announcing the New Beautiful Together Transformation Fund


Beautiful Together is excited to announce our new Transformation Fund! We have partnered with our friends and founders at Make Your Mark to help transform the lives of children living on the streets in Ethiopia. Make Your Mark reaches out to the forgotten orphans in the world by providing the resources needed in order to change the direction of their lives. In August, Beautiful Together had the opportunity to experience first hand the amazing work Make Your Mark is doing in the community. By providing a meal and building relationships the individuals at Make Your Mark gain the trust of the children. Once trust is established the kids are invited to the center where they are slowly given the opportunity to transition from the streets into a transitional home. You can read about our night meeting precious children and participating in Make Your Mark’s vision here!

While working with Make your Mark, we realized how important transportation is in accomplishing their vision. In order to transition a child, it takes hours of driving to and from the center through heavily-trafficked streets. They are in GREAT need of a van to make this happen. The Transformation Fund will raise money to help cover the costs of a reliable source of transportation!

The Transformation Fund will also support The Transformation Home – Rehabilitation! Here, the children who make the decision to get off the streets will be given the support and resources they need to make it possible. Those who take this opportunity will live in homes for 1-2 years where they will receive healthy meals, counseling, spiritual guidance, education and the tools they need to have a smooth and successful transition from the streets into homes with local families.

100% of all funds collected from the Transformation Fund will go directly to Make your Mark and the amazing work they are doing in transforming the lives of children!

If you would like to learn more about our new Transformation Fund, or would like to contribute, you can do so here!

We are extremely excited to be able to partner with another organization that shares the same vision and heart as Beautiful Together!
tfundstreetBeautiful Together, Make Your Mark, Ethiopia, Orphans, Tamara Lackey

Beautiful Together, Make Your Mark, Ethiopia, Orphans


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