Celebrating Beautiful Together’s Anniversary!

We are celebrating Beautiful Together’s Anniversary! January 2023 marks our second anniversary, and here is the story of how it all began.

Second Anniversary

Just over two years ago, we made our first pull. On January 14, 2021 we pulled our very first animals— a scared mama dog who had been hit by a car and her 7 6-week-old babies. The shelter reached out to Tamara to ask if we could help, she called Jane to ask if we could find fosters, and the answer was YES. We all said yes, even though we had no idea how it was going to come together. Everyone called friends and we set the foster search in motion. Meanwhile, Tamara found a volunteer to go get the dogs from the shelter, and Tamara and Jane got to work setting up a space in Tamara’s house for them. They started out in the garage, but after the space heaters blew fuses one too many times, they ended up moving into the house.

Second Anniversary

By the next day, we had found fosters for 3 pairs of babies, and the 7th stayed with Tamara and Family— she is still there to this day and her name happens to be Seven!

That first save was so amazing that we knew this was the beginning of something extraordinary. We immediately got to work building our foster team, creating Facebook pages for our volunteers, and sitting by the phone waiting on the call from shelters to take more dogs.

Little did we know how many dogs needed saving. We had an idea, but it’s so much more real when you are the last chance for these animals. Very eye-opening and sobering, and very heartbreaking.

Second Anniversary

It is amazing celebrating Beautiful Together’s anniversary, and seeing how far we’ve come as a nonprofit. We’ve made incredible progress over the past two years, have built out a lifesaving core team with a wonderful network of fosters and volunteers, without whom this would not be possible. We’re very excited and ready to see what the next two years brings.

To help us continue to provide these services and save animals, please consider donating! Any and all donations matter! Thank you!

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