I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Captain Jack

We're happy to tell you that Captain Jack has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

Jack is a very handsome Husky mix with sapphire blue eyes.
He is a tricolor of chocolate brown, tan and cream.
Jack currently weighs 11 pounds.
At 7 weeks old Jack was bit in the face by another dog injuring one of his eyes.
He underwent eye surgery in hopes of saving his eye. He has just had his sutures removed and we are hopeful he will regain full use of his eye that was
injured. He shows no signs of trauma from the ordeal. Not much bothers Jack.
Jack is extremely smart and a fast learner. With that comes a stubborn streak
and determination. He is fearless but also knows his limitations to keep himself
Jack loves to play with other dogs. He has not been exposed to cats but we feel
he would be fine with them.
Jack loves to follow his people around the house and in the gardens. He likes to
be in the middle of whatever is going on, even if he is napping through it. Jack is
energetic, but also takes frequent puppy naps to recharge. He will need an active
companion that can meet his exercise needs as he gets older. Jack may not be
suited for a family with very young children since he is still learning not to nip.
Jack’s coming along with crate training and sleeps in his crate at night or when
left alone in the house. We are working on potty training and he’s getting used to
walking on a leash.
Jack is a curious little boy and loves to explore. He is especially fond of playing
in the water in his baby pool. Yep, Captain Jack loves the water!
Jack has his favorite toys to chew on and snuggle with. He needs to have a chew
toy handy or he’ll find something else that may not be as appropriate.

During each meal, my hand goes in Jack’s food bowl and I pet him while he eats
with no issues whatsoever.
Overall, Jack is a highly intelligent, athletic, and handsome puppy that with
proper training can become an exceptional dog and companion. We love Jack!

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