I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Daisy

We're happy to tell you that Daisyhas a new furever home.
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Daisy is approximately a  3 year old Husky mix who is beautiful and so sweet. Her eyes are captivating and show so much love, trust and little mischief once she is comfortable.  She recently had a liter of 12 puppies and has been such a good mom to her pups. 

When she came in to foster care she was very underweight and is still working on putting some of her weight back on, but she is looking great. Due to her not having enough food before, she can be protective over her food, so I do feed her separate from my other dogs to allow her to be relaxed while eating. 

She does well when walking on a leash, knows some basic commands like ‘sit' and is learning 'leave it.’ While she is eager to chase the squirrels, rabbits and deers here by my house, inside she does wonderful with my dogs and even with my cats. While a little slow to warm up she looks for love and attention once she feels safe. She has begun to learn to play with dog toys and seems to love the ones that squeak. 

Daisy is housebroken and does well with a daily routine that includes a walk. She does go into a kennel, but I have been able to leave her out and free in my house with no issues. Daisy is protective of my house and barks when new people arrive. She generally calms quickly even when people are handling her pups. 

Daisy will be a great addition to a house that has other pets or will love the attention of being an only dog in the house. She is a great companion and a loyal friend!



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