I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Katniss

We're happy to tell you that Katniss has a new furever home.
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Katniss, Cuteness, Skootie, KitKat, and Bizzy--no matter what you call her, she will make your life so much brighter. I have been her foster since she was hit by a car at 7 weeks old and she has always done this for me. Katniss is funny, loving, social, focused, smart and loves to play. She loves toys (loves, loves, loves toys!), cuddling, cats and wrestling with other dogs. 

Basic things about Katniss: she is 6 months old and weighs just under 40 pounds, is fully vaccinated, almost fully potty trained and never jumps up on people. 
Extraordinary things about Katniss: she was in a very serious accident when she was a tiny puppy and had one rear leg amputated and other broken, so she is a tri-pod. She runs and plays like any other dog but she needs a few accommodations. She isn't great on  stairs and should probably avoid them for her own safety. She's ok doing a few in and out of the house, though! She has supportive braces to wear when she is playing really hard. She has not been crate trained because she gets sore when she is too confined. She is ok being in a small room and, as long as she has toys, is good about not tearing things up when she is left alone. 
Katniss has had lots of hydrotherapy to make sure her remaining rear leg is as strong as possible and she may need more sessions in the future. She needs a monthly injection that is easy to give and she will need to take a supplement daily in her food. She should take moderate walks or play in the yard daily to maintain muscle tone. She should also never be allowed to become overweight as it would put extra strain on her limbs.
I love Katniss enough to find her l a family that can give her lots of time and attention. She will be great in a family where she can play fetch, have a giant pile of toys and a cushy dog bed. She enjoys kids and excitement but I think she could also be happy in a quieter home with lots of attention too. 
She is simply the best!

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