How Much Do We Spend on our Rescues?

How much do we spend on our rescues’ wellness and recovery?

From fosters needing routine procedures before adoption to rescues who were hurt or malnourished and need more intensive care, we spend anywhere between $15 to $2000 per animal. Routine procedures can include general wellness exams, as well as administration of vaccinations, necessary preventatives and snap testing. While the intensive care could be removing bladder stones or helping an rescue animal learn to walk again.

How much do we spend
How much do we spend

As part of our program, we are operating a free Rescue Animal Wellness Clinic for homeless pets to help with these costs! Our new Animal Wellness Clinic includes direct partnerships with pharmacy suppliers and local vets, expanding our in-house treatments options, and therefore making our rescue care much more affordable! In addition, building a virtual triage program and documenting standard treatment protocols has been greatly effective in reducing suffering, and producing better outcomes, for rescue animals experiencing illness or trauma.

To help us continue to provide these services and save animals, please consider donating! Any and all donations matter! Thank you!

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