I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Clifford

We're happy to tell you that Clifford has a new furever home.
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My name is Clifford. I am a big, beautiful Russian Blue cat, and you will admire me - and most likely love me very much.

First of all, I should start by saying that I am absolutely sure that I have descended from Kings.

Also, I am picky about dogs. Some I ignore. Some I dislike and wish to immediately have removed from my presence. I am thoughtful in that I let them know how I feel almost immediately, so they don't have to waste time guessing. Interestingly, I feel similarly about cats. Some are fine. Many are beneath me and do not deserve to be around the obvious magnificence that is me. I also let these specific lesser feline creatures know my feelings because, again, I am incredibly considerate.

People I like. Sometimes, though, they need to slowly earn my love. So, on some nights, I may sit across from you and stare at you, allowing you to bask in my beauty. Other times, I will walk onto your lap, curl up tight and allow - neigh, encourage! - you to pet me. And, at those times, I will gift you the opportunity to listen to me purr and purr while I camp on you for the night. Yet other times, I will seek out a box or a basket or a bowl and make sure that I fit my whole body into it and then I will just stay right there for hours, regardless of how uncomfortable I may look to random passersby. Let them stare! My motto is "if I fits, I sits", and I really try to live by that.

I am incredibly interesting in that what I might do really depends on my mood - and possibly the position of the stars in the sky on that particular evening?  I don't know. I can make decisions rather spontaneously. But, for the most part, the seriously snuggly part happens the most when you just sit on the couch and relax. That is when I am most drawn to you. Relaxed, taking-it-easy people are my most favorite kind of people, so I often reward them the most. Also, not to be outdone, couches and pillows and blankets are amazing. I love all inside comforts equally.

Another fascinating quirk about me? I have THE most unique meow. It has often been remarked upon, as apparently it sounds like a short, quiet squawk. People have said that it doesn’t sound at all like what they thought I would have sounded like. It makes sense that they think about me a lot, of course. But what they don’t know is that it’s just my way of saving energy. So I can eat more food.

If you believe you would be worthy of having me in your home and family, I will probably love you very, very, very much. I refuse to be taken for granted, though. So you may also not know it for sure every day.
That's part of my mystery: The Enigma That Is Clifford.

If you have read this far and also fully recognize my greatness, you are granted permission to apply to meet me. I will try to make time if I can. (Spoiler: I probably will because I would really love my own kingdom and its associated family.)



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