I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Nicholas Scratch

We're happy to tell you that Nicholas Scratch has a new furever home.
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Nicholas can be cautious but very curious! He loves running around a room and jumping on chairs and tables to outsmart his siblings. He likes to hide in other rooms and meow for you or his siblings to find him. He will usually outrun his siblings to the food bowls. Listen to him chirp while he runs and plays! He has taken a liking to sleeping on laps and gently pawing faces or hands for attention. He likes playing with Sabrina most of all. He’ll even follow her to the litter box.

Nicholas is a handsome little man with gorgeous markings. His little round face and bright red nose was the inspiration for his foster mom’s nickname for him: Bunny Man. It doesn’t help that he loves to hop from furniture to furniture when he has the zoomies. He’ll play with any toy as long as it makes a noise to keep him interested. He also loves to sit by you while you clean the litter box then poop in it right in front of your face. When he’s not playing, he’s spread out on the couch or a blanket like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Nothing can wake this boy up. He gets along well with other cats. He has also met a cat-friendly dog and didn’t mind the canine stranger. 



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