I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Blueberry

We're happy to tell you that Blueberry has a new furever home.
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Blueberry, or Booberry, or Boo, or Blue is almost 3 months old (11 weeks on Aug 20, foster started 7/16 at 6 wks). He is a short-haired tuxedo kitten. When first fostered, he was not in good shape. He was flea-ridden (probably anemic), dirty, and three of his sweet little paw pads had been burned. He spent the first weeks recovering, getting awful-tasting medicine, being forced or encouraged to eat, trying to move, and wanting to play with his step-siblings -- but too fragile to engage much. We would often put one of the calmer older siblings to snuggle with him to keep him warm.  

ENERGY: His energy is so much better now that he is healthy! He is very active chasing toys and siblings, but will lay low and watch if he’s feeling a little overwhelmed (since they are all older and bigger than him!). If he is in an active mood, don’t try to snuggle. If it’s sleep time, then he can be convinced to snuggle. His fosters are working regularly on the snuggling. 

COMFORT W HUMANS: He is comfortable with humans, just doesn’t often want to be held. His fosters are working on the being picked up, held and snuggled. He purrs often, sometimes when being held, but more often when he is snuggled by himself or with a sibling and he is being pet. 

COMFORT WITH OTHER ANIMALS (not kittens): Blueberry seems curious of the 12 year old lab hound mutt who is super calm and actually scared of the kittens. He will sneak sniffs of the dog when she is asleep… one time he sniffed her back foot and must have tickled her because she kicked him and he hissed at her! 

CONFIDENCE: He seems quite confident, and believes he can jump as far as his bigger step-siblings.... For several weeks, he could not figure out how to retract his claws and would get stuck in everything. Even clipping the claws did not seem to help. He is very playful with his siblings and jumps into the tussles and quickly jumps out too. 

VOCALIZATIONS: Oftentimes is vocalizing when playing. Chirping. Surprising at times. He lets his step-siblings know when they are too aggressive with him. 

ALPHA/BETA: Probably a BETA. Seems to defer to siblings (they are all older and bigger than him). When sleeping, he usually is found snuggled up with a sibling.