I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Peaches

We're happy to tell you that Peaches has a new furever home.
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Peaches or Peach is a little over 4 months old (17 weeks on Aug 20, foster started 7/16 at 12 wks). She is a short-haired calico/tabby kitten with beautiful wild cat markings. She is long and sleek and super athletic. When first fostered, she was with her brother Jackfruit (was Pickles). Both were super scared of hoomans and she would hiss and swat at any hand approaching (she never actually scratched though). She quickly learned her foster caregivers were only there to help her and stopped swatting and hissing. She loves her wet food, chasing toys, attacking and playing with her siblings, and purrs (and kneads!!!) when held by safe hoomans (takes a minute to get used to new ones). 

ENERGY: Peaches is very energetic. She is also very athletic and graceful. She is deceptively long and thin but can jump pretty high or across wide gaps. She loves toys and her brother and step-siblings. She loves caves and tunnels. She snuggles with the littlest step-brother and plays gently with him. Seems she can be very energetic and very calm. 

COMFORT W HUMANS: Peaches initially did not trust any hooman. Within a couple days, she had stopped swatting her fosters, and shortly thereafter stopped hissing. She now does not run and hide when we enter their space. She stretches, purrs, and kneads when given attention in that space. She meows quietly for attention and will rub (mark) objects she walks by. 

COMFORT W OTHER ANIMALS (not kittens): She hissed at the dog’s presence for a while, but more recently just ignores the dog. She doesn’t seem interested, but also doesn’t seem bothered. 

CONFIDENCE: Peaches is very confident. She seems to know what she wants and go after it. If she wants a toy, she goes to get it before the others. If she wants attention, she lets you know. If she is unsure, she hides and then creeps out curiously. 

VOCALIZATIONS: She does not often vocalize. She vocalizes for food and she purrs. When she does meow, it is pretty quiet and hoarse, mainly when others are getting attention she also wants. 

ALPHA/BETA: Peaches is an Alpha who got a rough start at life. Her fears make (made) her seem skittish, but they are fading fast! Even though she seems to get what she wants when she wants it, she is unbelievably gentle with her step-siblings or when one wasn’t feeling well. She knows how to play rough too!



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