I'm ready for my new family!

Hi! My Name Is Tallis

I'm Available | Bonded With: Tuk

Tallis and Tuk were orphaned in Charlotte, NC and brought to a foster home in Carrboro by BTAS. They are the best of friends. They look nearly identical but Tallis (female) is a tiny bit larger and she has a little white on her chest. As they have gotten older, their faces are differentiating. Tallis's is more narrow and Tuk looks like a little bear. They are very different in personality, though.

Tallis is the extravert. She's talkative and bold. She climbs everything (the walls of her playpen when she wants out or in, pants legs, chairs. . . ). Tuk (male) is chill. He'll follow wherever his sister leads him, but will also hang back for a few extra minutes hanging over the side of his bed.

  • American Shorthair
  • Female
  • Baby
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