I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Yams

We're happy to tell you that Yams has a new furever home.
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When I brought Apricot and Yams in for fostering a few days before Christmas, they were frightened and skittish, having only been in a shelter and off the street for about a week. They very quickly learned that being reliably fed, safe, and having toys was amazing, and quickly turned into little cuddle bugs. They're both very athletic and inquisitive for their age and quickly climbed to the tops of the cat trees where they like to nap.

Of the two kittens, Yams is the one who most wants attention. He LOVES to be kissed and cuddled, loves to be brushed, and is just a sweet little kid. He loves to have a morning cuddle session in bed and will lick my lips. He has a favorite toy mouse that he carries around the house, and it is very cute.

He does need to go home with Apricot because it is rare that they are ever apart. They sleep and groom together, eat out of the same bowl, and will cry if separated for more than a few minutes.