Meet the ”Brew Crew”!

Our ”Brew Crew” litter of hound mix puppies are all ready for adoption!

As we all know, it takes time and patience to raise puppies, and so we are looking for those special families who are looking to add a puppy into their pack! Let’s meet the ”Brew Crew”:

  • Allagash – This freckled-face sweetheart loves to play hard and then snuggle hard!
  • Brewster – An absolute snuggler, and lover of everyone!
  • Guinness – Playful, happy, and (like all of them) learning potty training and crate training well!
  • Heineken – A very social pup who loved to play with everyone, and is also a fast leaner!
  • Hops – The ”Old soul” if the bunch who loves to lie in the sun and relax, until its wrestling time, of course!
  • India – Very much a lap dog, and a smart and adaptable kids!
  • Murphy – A sweet, playful lady who loves dogs, cats, and kids!
  • Porter – A happy pup who is very good at learning new things!
  • Sammy Adams – A playful girl with a big personality! She’ll make a great companion for an active family!
  • Stella – The brainiac of the bunch who is curious, active, and has already picked up her training!

If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful puppies, please apply on our website!

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