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From the Tamara Lackey Blog:

btogether-logo3Beautiful Together Feeding Fund is grateful to partner with Life To Live for Korah, working to feed the children in Korah, Ethiopia.

One of the more impactful experiences we had on our last trip to Ethiopia was spending a couple of rather meaningful days in Korah. We not only visited but were able to see the whole village, all the way around and through, and spend time inside more than a couple of makeshift homes, greeted with extraordinarily warm hospitality. We met orphans without family homes and lepers without limbs – or, rather, we met beautiful human beings who just have had a much harder go at this life than most. We also saw what it meant for a community to care for each other, despite having so little themselves.

One of the main things we wanted to do in Korah was have a firsthand experience of the orphan feeding program that was founded by Korah native Cherenet Gullene, called Life to Live for Korah. And after spending time with them, and experiencing their entire process from start to finish, we definitely knew that Beautiful Together was going to partner with them to help as much as we could.

Korah, Ethiopia was originally built as a leper colony and has now grown more than 120,000 people, nearly all living in extreme poverty. The actual name “Korah” means cursed. There is more illness, sickness and lack in this village than one sees in most impoverished communities – yet, there is an incredible spirit, sweetness and energy running through the people. That doesn’t mean to say there isn’t suffering, difficulty, hunger. There is. The pain just seems to co-exist with the gratitude in a way that really stays with you.

In an attempt to share what is being done to feed these orphans in Korah, I made this 3-minute video with Animoto. When my friends at Animoto saw it, they jumped in to help. They are offering not only a 20% discount (use promo code “TOGETHER”) for a full year subscription to their amazing video creation service, but they also said they would contribute 20% of ALL new sales for anyone using this code up until November 10th, with every single one of those dollars going directly towards this orphan feeding program.

Please take a few minutes to see what this true grassroots program is all about – and go get your own Animoto subscription, for less, here:

You can also support this program, directly, at Beautiful Together.

(And thank you to Triple Scoop Music for the perfect song.)


Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 1 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 2

Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 3 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 4 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 4 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 5 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 6 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 7 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 8 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 9 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 10 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 11 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 12 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 13 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 14 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 15 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 16 Beautiful-Together-Feeding-Fund-Life-to-Live-Korah-Tamara-Lackey 17


*All images were shot with the Nikon D810 – again, like with this experience, in pretty extreme conditions.

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