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Pet Therapy & Mental Health

Hosting Pet Therapy Events: Did you know that in addition to our youth programs, we also offer in-school pet therapy events and mental health wellness days? At these events, we invite students to interact with our rescue dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. We also offer hands-on instruction – including activities like bottle feeding kittens or […]

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Animal Rescue Sanctuary Building Updates

Since our last post, we’ve been hard at work in many different areas of our custom-build animal rescue sanctuary from small and large rescue animal efforts in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So we though that before we deep dive into site development details, we could share a holistic peek at what we’ve been up to […]

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Creating a Korah Disaster Relief Center

Beautiful Together is working to create a Relief Center for the families displaced by a devastating landslide that occurred on March 12th.   A disastrous landslide occurred in Korah, Ethiopia on March 12th. The death toll has now risen to 115 people – mostly women and children – and a significant number of injuries. Many more are still very much […]

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Our Safe Showers for Homeless Youth Project is Fully Funded!

Our Beautiful Together Safe Showers for Homeless Youth Project is FULLY FUNDED! We are thrilled to announce that our latest Beautiful Together project, Safe Showers For Homeless Youth, focused on improving the quality of life for impoverished youth in America – specifically, homeless youth who have recently cycled out of foster care and are struggling to find a […]

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Update on the Build an Orphan Feeding Kitchen

I wanted to share a recent update on our Build an Orphan Feeding Kitchen project in Korah, Ethiopia. I was, and still continue to be, amazed at the generosity that allowed the work to begin so quickly. Things are progressing and the developments are amazing! The biggest shift is that the new kitchen capabilities will allow for […]

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Building an Orphan Feeding Kitchen

We have been partnering with Life To Live for Korah for a while now in opening a feeding center to try to feed  as many children in Korah as soon as possible. To date, they have made food right on the spot in a small mud home – but with so many more children to feed, […]

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Light Up The Classrooms!

From the Tamara Lackey Blog: We are so grateful to have completed renovating the orphanage bathrooms in Ethiopia – the children living there now have clean, safe bathrooms with new toilets, lovely sinks, updated plumbing, and (my favorite) hand sanitizers! These newly renovated bathrooms have made a big improvement in the orphanage. We are also currently finishing up our […]

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Orphanage Renovation – Bathroom Nearly Complete

The orphanage renovation project for the bathroom areas is nearly complete! This downstairs one is almost finished, and the upstairs one is about 90% there. We should be finished with everything in just a few days. It’s great to see such amazing progression on the ground here in Ethiopia. Have never been so thrilled to see brand new working toilets in our lives ; )

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Portrait Gallery for The Orphanage

This little boy waits excitedly outside one of the areas we’re renovating so he can use a brand new bathroom stall. There’s been a ton done on this project already, and tomorrow we start on tile replacement and painting.

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Orphanage Bathroom(s) Renovation PROGRESS

These are definitely some rough visuals,  no doubt – but as our team strips the bathroom of what the children at this orphanage have been using for years, we are thrilled about the simple dignity of clean, new bathroom fixtures. After all is torn out and the new equipment is installed, we can move on […]

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Kidane Mehret Orphanage Renovation Is Underway!

(Literally!) broke ground on the first phase of our bathroom renovation projects at Kidane Mehret orphanage in Ethiopia. Lots more to go but the work is officially underway! The project will include renovating 7 bathrooms and making small upgrades to the kitchen. Including: Replacing the toilet stalls and pipes Repairing the water damage Applying a […]

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Summer 2015 Campaign
New Bathroom for Kidane Mehret

Donate Today! Kidane Mehret Orphanage – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Bathroom Renovation and Sanitary Improvement Project Budget: $7,500 Our 2015 Summer Campaign is dedicated to supporting Kidane Mehret Orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We are raising funds to purchase needed supplies for this orphanage that currently supports over 60 children of various ages. And to maximize local economic […]

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