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Where is your animal sanctuary?

Where is Beautiful Together located?

Our sanctuary property is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We are accessible via the town road we built from scratch. As approved by the town of Chapel Hill, we named it Sanctuary Lane.

As we continue to build out on 83 acres of land, though, some of our operations occur on our property, some are managed from our separate business office - and the majority of our homeless pet rescue operations are managed remotely via our partnerships with animals shelters, a team of wonderful volunteers, our amazing community of foster caregivers and our smart, passionate core team.


How do I get to your sanctuary?

Our sanctuary address is 161 Sanctuary Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. We are findable on Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze - and you can also click on this interactive map! We are conveniently located near most regional cities, towns and universities. In terms of distance, we are:

  • 15 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina
  • 20 minutes from Hillsborough and Pittsboro
  • 30 minutes from downtown Durham and Duke University
  • 30 minutes from RTP (Research Triangle Park)
  • 45 minutes from downtown Raleigh and NC State University
  • 45 minutes from Greensboro and UNC-G

At this time, we are welcoming visitors by appointment only. You can call 919-502-0070 or email info@beautifultogether.org to schedule a time to visit. We expect to open our 6,000 square-foot Indoor/Outdoor Welcome Center to the public in early 2024. At that time we will be announcing our regular weekly open hours!

At this time, we are welcoming visitors by appointment only.

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Is Beautiful Together a 501(c)(3)?

Yes! We received our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS in 2015, filing as a non-profit organization focused on caring for the vulnerable and the voiceless. All monetary donations are tax deductible to the extent that the IRS allows, and we send all donors a tax donation receipt. Our EIN is 47-4273597.

We are proud of our Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency.

Are all of your operations happening in one place?

As of late 2023, all of our rescue animals are being cared for in foster homes throughout the Triangle. But our dogs, cats, kittens and puppies regularly attend adoption and fundraising events, visit the sanctuary for outings and vet visits, and join potential adopters for meet & greets at a variety of locations.

Our rescue pets, and our volunteers and foster caregivers, regularly visit our free Animal Rescue Clinic, which we moved to our property in Summer of 2023 (We are now managing the majority of our vet care operations at the sanctuary)!

In Spring of 2022, we kicked off our empathy-based youth development programs, in partnership with Hargraves Community Center, at our Youth Pavilion. And we are excited to launch our brand new outdoor youth programs in Spring of 2024, as we are now a fully-licensed provider of Timbernook's research-proven play experiences.

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Why is animal rescue so important in North Carolina, specifically?

We rescue animals from North Carolina's overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed animal shelters. We know that those who work in shelters are doing the best they can but, without enough physical space or resources, cats and dogs in our state are euthanized in alarming numbers. In fact, North Carolina is ranked #2 across all 50 states for percentage of animals euthanized each year. This does not include animals humanely euthanized for irreparable medical or behavioral issues - this is just the percentage of healthy, adoptable animals who never get the chance to join a family.

We also rescue animals from inhumane situations. Our state is ranked as one of the worst in the country for animal welfare laws, and countless animals suffer needlessly because of it. We focus on animals who have been abandoned, neglected and abused - sometimes shockingly so. They have lived on chains outside year round and come to us with deep cuts around their necks, they were brought in from brutal hoarding cases and have been found in a multitude of shocking conditions. Rarely are charges of animal abuse enforced.

North Carolina ranks second in the nation for highest percentage of adoptable animals euthanized in shelters.

How can I help to support Beautiful Together?

Thank you for asking! We would love any and all the help we can get! We would never be able to do all that we have done if it were not for the generosity of donors who give to our efforts to help the most vulnerable among us. In addition to donating, we would love supplies from our pet rescue wishlist.

We also have ongoing needs for volunteers, foster caregivers and adopters – see our header menu for more! We would also love for you to share our efforts to find homes for animals by amplifying posts from our social media accounts. And if you know someone who could be helpful to our organization in any of those ways, please do let us know!

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Our Animal Rescue


Can you adopt animals if you live out-of-state?

Yes! In most cases, adopters will need to travel to North Carolina to pick up their animal. There are instances when a volunteer has offered to transport a Beautiful Together animal to other states, and we can certainly inquire about this possiblity as we move thorugh the adoption process.

How do I become a foster caregiver, and what would be expected of me?

Foster caregivers save lives – and they are the backbone of our organization! We ask all potential fosters to apply first in order to become a foster caregiver. Our approval process includes conducting reference checks and asking follow-up questions to ensure that you are well prepared to begin fostering a pet.

Once approved, we will go over expectations for how to care for the animal you have preferenced – or who we have matched you to, based on your application. We ensure that you receive our foster caregiver manual and ask for at least a 2-week commitment to foster, unless there is a stated need for a longer timeframe based on the specific needs of our pets. We will then set you up with basic supplies to get you going – collar, leash, litter, food, bowls, crate and any medicines that may be needed, if applicable. And we support you every step of the way! Learn more.


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Our Community Youth Programs


What are your youth development programs?

Our sanctuary-based youth programs were created for children living in foster care, group homes, at-risk situations and underserved communities.

All programs are built around the following pillars:

  • Empathy-Building Experiences
  • Hands-On, Experiential Therapy
  • Academic Enrichment and Exploration
  • Creative Education and Guided Exercises
  • Curative Connection to Animals, People, and Nature
  • Expanded Access to Opportunities and Resources
  • Guided Participation in realizing “First-Hand Experiences in Making a Difference”

Our International Youth Programs

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What work are you doing internationally?

Beautiful Together has been focused on supporting children waiting for families through a variety of tangible projects in Africa and the United States since 2014.

Our goal has always been to improve the lives of children growing up in orphanages, group homes and the foster care system. Working in Ethiopia, our efforts naturally expanded to include those children living in extreme poverty and underserved communities.

Over the course of our initial six years as an organization, we launched and completed over 20 projects, ranging from renovating bathrooms in this inner-city orphanage in Addis Ababa to building a feeding kitchen for a grassroots aid organization in Ethiopia to our disaster relief center project in Korah to lighting the classrooms at Kidane Mehret Orphanage to our Safe Showers project for homeless youth aging out of foster care in North Carolina to our Safeguarding The Orphange project to our Feeding Foster Youth program in the United States.

We continue to focus on our partnership with Kidane Mehret Children's Home.

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