Here are just some of the ways you can help animals in need of rescue.

Transport Volunteers

Transport volunteers are a huge part of our rescue work! Picking up dogs, cats, kittens and puppies from a somewhere to take to another where is often a critical part of saving these furry little lives! Often this means springing an animal from the shelter and taking them to a foster home. Sometimes this means picking up some little guy from an owner surrendering them, so that we can get to them before they go to the shelter. Other times this is bringing a pup or cat from a foster’s house to an adopter’s house if they can’t make the transport happen on their own.

And then there are vet visits! These trips are numerous and vital. Whether it’s bringing a cat in to be neutered, or a dog in to get an injured leg checked, or bringing an entire litter of kittens to the vet for their very first set of vaccines – every one of those visits is important, and it’s not easy to manage all the moving parts. So if you are able to help ferry a furry one around at times, you can make a huge difference.

Transport volunteers: lots of somewhere to a where! If you can sign up for this service, do let us know, as we’ll need you.

Pet Rescue Amplifier

It may not seem like much, but every single time a person helps to get the word out about a homeless pet in need, there’s now that much more likelihood that they will survive.

There are plenty of instances where we hear of an urgent need to pull a (healthy and friendly) animal by the end of the day, so as to avoid euthanasia. We do our best every time, and we also find ourselves asking all of our fosters if they might have room. Since it can be last minute, the answer can also be no.

So helping us to line up another potential foster (who would still need to apply and be approved) or even an adopter, if suitable in that situation, can mean the difference between that pet living a full and cared-for life — or very much the opposite.

Sharing our requests for help on social media, texting your contacts, emailing some friends, asking your neighbors … all of that goes a long way towards helping us save more.

Storyteller, Photographer, Videographer

The animals we meet are pretty amazing. They are big and beautiful and small and vulnerable and excited and terrified and affectionate and just needing more – more time or patience or security or LOVE.
And we need help telling their stories!

Some of the stories we’d like you to tell are about an animal’s background, how they got to where they are. Others are rather dramatic before & after adoption stories – it’s a powerful shift, an animal moving out of a stressful high-kill shelter into a loving home.

Great photography can make all the difference between someone feeling a connection with an animal or not. That’s huge because someone wanting to know more is where all of our matches begin. And videos that showcase an animal’s personality drive many adoptions.

Most stories, photos and videos will be shared on social media. Some will live on our blog. And yet others will help us to get the funds we need to keep doing this work. If you’re interested in volunteering for any of these roles, we hope to hear from you soon!