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Tamara and Friday

Tamara Lackey

Founder & Executive Director

Tamara has been the Executive Director of Beautiful Together since co-founding it in 2014. Her passion for animal rescue work led her to create the animal sanctuary. Tamara is also an advocate for children waiting for families. Seeing the extraordinary connection between children and animals through six years of project work, she envisioned the Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary as a natural bridge between these two worlds, linking two vulnerable populations to benefit the other. Finding land, creating partnerships, and experiencing the sheer delight of walking an animal out of a shelter affirmed this decision, as did the joy of building a team of like-minded advocates.

Tamara is also a professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador, delivering presentations around the world, from Google to Disney to Harvard Law School, speaking on the power of photography and storytelling to effect real change. Her TV show for PBS NC, Chasing Frames, is about those transforming lives, protecting our planet, and rescuing those in need.

She and her husband, Steve, also own Coco Bean, a plant-based cafe in Chapel Hill that supports the work of Beautiful Together. They, their three children, and their many pets are excited for the continued growth of this sanctuary – and all the hope it represents.

Jane-Howard Crutchfield

Director of Dog Rescue Operations

Jane-Howard joined Beautiful Together to help implement and run the animal rescue project. Her role includes overseeing the dog adoption program and foster caregiver operations, field services, as well as the animal behavior and rehabilitation program.

Jane-Howard has worked in all areas of animal rescue since 2015: fostering, transporting, training, and volunteering at local animal shelters.

As a certified dog trainer, she has a passion for helping animals live their best lives. To her, rescue is more than just saving a life— it’s also making sure that the animal has a happy life! She will be directing training classes at the sanctuary (for kids and adults) as well as working with animals who may need behavioral modification before finding their forever homes.

She feels incredibly fortunate to be part of this amazing endeavor and can’t wait to see it evolve!

Jane-Howard Crutchfield
Lindsay Dike

Lindsay Dike

Cat Adoption Coordinator

Lindsay Dike joined Beautiful Together to help place rescue animals with the best adopters and foster volunteers within our network. Her role includes reviewing the applications of prospective adopters and fosters, as well as coordinating and overseeing logistics in the adoption and foster process.

Lindsay has been involved with several areas of animal rescue since 2012: fostering, fundraising, and volunteering at local animal shelters. It was through this that she became the proud owner of a rescue hound dog named Malcolm.

As a professional financial data analyst in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lindsay's passion has always brought her back to animal welfare, so she is thrilled to be such an integral part of this sanctuary’s work!

Ferrell Carpenter

Director of Caregiver Support and Customer Relations

Ferrell grew up in the country outside of Chapel Hill, running free in the woods with six big dogs and all the attending wildlife. Thus began the passion that has led to a lifetime of fostering/adopting/picking up homeless dogs all around the world – and generally loving all things animal. Having volunteered at shelters and therapeutic horse riding centers from childhood, Ferrell possesses a passion for and understanding of the benefits people of all backgrounds and abilities can gain from interaction with animals and vice versa. With more than 25 years of experience in psychology, political campaigning, non-profit organizations and real estate, Ferrell’s experiences have naturally evolved to include dedicated animal sanctuary work.

Her role is focused on supporting caregivers and their foster pets in a manner that fits her natural tendency to care for others.

Ferrell lives with her incredibly sweet and patient partner, Patrick, their three giant dogs and a revolving menagerie of foster guests. Ferrell feels incredibly fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful team and incredibly evolving organization!


Patty Caffrey

Director of Communications, Networks and Partnerships/Grants

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Patty joined Beautiful Together after retiring from her 20-year career as a communications professional in the health sciences industry.  In her role at Beautiful Together she is working to expand our foster network and build relationships with partners big and small interested in supporting animal rescue.  Patty has always been passionate about saving and caring for those at-risk.  She and her husband have been licensed foster parents for children in Orange County since 2018 – she fully understands the difference a safe and loving space can make in a child’s life and how fulfilling it is to be a foster Mom.  And as an animal lover, Patty’s passion spills over into saving as many animal lives as possible and making a difference in all aspects of animal rescue.  She is extremely excited to connect her passion for children and animals when the full vision of Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is realized – connecting foster children and animals to help them both overcome the trauma they’ve experienced in their lives.

Patty lives with her husband, teenage stepson, their three rescue dogs, four rescue cats, and a variety of animals that she fosters.

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