I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Dean

We're happy to tell you that Dean has a new furever home.
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Dean loves to run around, explore the outside, and wrestle with his brother. He is a puppy, so as a result, he has high bursts of energy but after he has had his moment of fun, he will seek someone out to snuggle with. He's so loving and cuddly. Dean has been with several different people and has no anxieties with any of them. Dog-wise, he has only been exposed to his brother. Dean is definitely more assertive than Luke. Initially, Dean was a bit timid coming into our house and getting him to sleep required a reassuring snuggle and talking through the crate. He is much more comfortable, but may require some reassurance in a new home. Dean has a voice and will use it if he wants to get out of the crate or to indicate to his brother that he wants to play. He is not a constant barker, but will make noise if he wants attention or something displeases him. Dean seems really smart and we have noticed he is responding well to our attempts to train him on a few tricks. He loves to play and run around with his brother and anyone else willing to get on the floor with him. He does have a little separation anxiety when you initially put him to bed, however easily calmed with a few minutes of calming words and petting through the crate. He goes from bouncy and playful to snuggly in minutes. We have found that he loves to be massaged and loved right before bedtime. Even though we have had him for only a week, we have definitely gotten into a nice rhythm of long naps and playtime. He is a GREAT sleeper and has slept through the night several nights in a row. Loves people, loves to play, loves cuddles!!!!! 

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