Our Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision What We Believe
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Youth programs, chapel hill, North Carolina, photo Nikon, Tamara Lackey

What We Believe

We believe that no animal should be mistreated, abandoned or neglected.
We believe that no child should receive less access to opportunity than another.

We believe that patience, kindness and love can change everything for any living creature.

We believe that animals can offer extraordinary joy, comfort, and companionship to the people who care for them. And that facilitated pet therapy is a powerful antidote to loneliness, depression and anxiety.

And we believe in the collective impact of all who work toward the day when no animal is euthanized for lack of a home - and no child receives less thoughtful care than another.

It’s a grand vision, building the village of
Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary.
And it will take a village to do it.

A Village of Community for Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary
Dog Heaven at the Beautiful Together Sanctuary
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animal rescue, chapel hill, north carolina, rescue dog
Rescue Dogs on the sanctuary land
The future homesite of The Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


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