Evolution of Beautiful Together

Evolution of Beautiful Together

For the past six years, Beautiful Together has focused on supporting children waiting for families through a variety of tangible projects in the United States and Africa. Our goal has always been to improve the lives of children growing up in orphanages, group homes and the foster care system. Along the way, we have repeatedly witnessed the incredible therapeutic connection that children make with animals. And research backs up what many pet owners already know: children connect with animals for comfort, reassurance and emotional support, especially when experiencing fear, loneliness, sadness or stress.

The Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary was created as a powerful connection between these two meaningful efforts. As a safe and nurturing environment for animals in need of refuge, our mission is to love, care for and provide a home for abused, abandoned and neglected animals so they can one day find families of their own.

We create ongoing programs for children in foster care, group homes and at-risk situations to visit the animals, help care for them and spend time in “pet therapy” sessions: bottle feeding kittens, socializing puppies, brushing horses – and so much more.

Our goal is simple:
To connect the vulnerable and the voiceless in purposeful ways that benefit us all.



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