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Foster caregivers save lives!

It’s as straightforward – and as remarkable – as that.

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To foster is to basically open up your heart – and your home – to an animal in need of refuge.
We ask all potential fosters to first apply in order to become a foster caregiver. Once approved, we will go over expectations for how to care for the animal you have preferenced – or who we have matched you to, based on your application. And we will set you up with the supplies you’ll need to get you going – collar, leash, food, bowls, crate, and any medicines if needed.

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We ask fosters to commit to caring for their foster pet for at least two weeks, during which time we will seek out a loving and vetted adopter for the animal. If, for any reason, a foster caregiver finds it unavoidable to end the relationship earlier than that, we will respond as soon as possible and find the pet another home.

Your goal as a foster caregiver is to not just offer a safe and loving home to an animal that needs it, but to also offer thoughtful care and plenty of affection to an animal who probably hasn’t had it easy before meeting you. In addition, we ask you to share the information that you will have further learned about your foster pet with our Pet Adoption Manager, so they can find a great match for them.

If you recommend a friend or family member as your preferred adopter for your foster pet, they still need to apply to adopt – but your recommendation goes a long way! And should you decide that you would like to adopt the pet yourself, you will have priority – however, please let us know as soon as possible!

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