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Beautiful Together was formed in 2014 as a non-profit focused on supporting the vulnerable and the voiceless, with an initial emphasis on improving the lives of children waiting for families around the world.

Our initial focus of supporting children in Africa still continues but, over time, our mission has evolved locally to also support - and create more opportunities for - children living in underserved communities here in Chapel Hill and the broader Triangle Community of North Carolina.

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Youth Programs at The Sanctuary in Chapel Hill & Throughout the Triangle, NC

We are creating our sanctuary-based youth programs for children and teenagers living in foster care, group homes, at-risk situations and underserved communities.

All programs are being built around the following pillars:

  • Empathy-Building Experiences
  • Hands-On, Experiential Therapy
  • Academic Enrichment and Exploration
  • Creative Education and Guided Exercises
  • Curative Connection to Animals, People, and Nature
  • Expanded Access to Opportunities and Resources
  • Guided Participation in realizing “First-Hand Experiences in Making a Difference”
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In-School Pet Therapy Events and School Clubs

Our In-School Pet Therapy Events and Mental Health Wellness Days are popular activities with waiting lists of students. At these events, we share what we do and explain why we do it, sharing more specifics about the state of animal welfare in North Carolina. We also inviting students to interact with our rescue dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. We also offer hands-on instruction, which includes activities like bottle feeding kittens or exercises in socializing puppies.

We have also launched Beautiful Together Clubs at various high schools for those who wish to make a difference regionally via volunteer efforts at the sanctuary and animal advocacy work.

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Local Youth Programs

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