The Sanctuary

The future homesite of The
Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary
is currently being built out on 83 acres of land in
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Since identifying the location of our animal sanctuary property in October of 2020, we have accomplished a great deal of work. We started with 83 acres of completely undeveloped land. To date we have now:

  • Completed civil engineering
  • Cleared and prepared the land
  • Tested soil and water
  • Designed and developed our initial infrastructure
  • Cleared, built and received town approval of our new road’s official name (Sanctuary Lane!)
  • Received bonafide farm certification
  • Acquired all necessary permits
  • Built first events and education pavilion
  • Designed, clear and built parking area for estimated 200 people
  • Plowed and farmed initial crop fields
  • Designed the main Welcome Center
  • Laid out initial design for our 4-acre dog activity park
  • Finished comprehensive septic design
  • Dug a well and found plentiful water at 362 feet down!
Beautiful Together, Animal Sanctuary, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary, Before and After, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dog Heaven at the Beautiful Together Sanctuary
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animal rescue, chapel hill, north carolina, rescue dog
Rescue Dogs on the sanctuary land
Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary, land in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, animal rescue, Chapel Hill property, photography Tamara Lackey
The future homesite of The Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


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