I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Roxy

We're happy to tell you that Roxy has a new furever home.
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Roxy is a delightful hound with a unique coat of white, brown, and black, complete with adorable floppy ears that you can't help but fall in love with.

About Roxy:  Age: Approx. 2 years; Personality: Happy, Sweet, Gentle, Non-aggressive, and Caring

Roxy's Story: Roxy's journey from the woods to the possibility of a forever home is nothing short of miraculous. Once an abandoned hunting dog, she has gracefully transitioned into a loving and gentle companion. As a mother, Roxy displayed exceptional maternal instincts, caring for her puppies with unwavering dedication. Her history suggests that she may be more of a nurturer than a hunter.

Compatibility: Roxy enjoys making new dog friends.  She has a submissive approach and hasn't met a dog she doesn't like. Roxy's current foster home has 2 cats.  She initially tried to get them to play with her, but she learned they weren't interested and now leaves them alone.  Her previous foster reports Roxy also didn't chase chickens when they wandered into her yard. Her amiable nature suggests that she could potentially thrive in a home with other pets.

Roxy is fully house trained.  She has been left alone in the house with another dog for as long as 4-5 hours without any accidents.  Roxy does pretty well on a leash unless there are deer nearby.  Her hound nose just can't ignore their scent and she will start baying.  Although a fence is not required, Roxy would love a fenced backyard where she could run and play off the leash.  She would love a dog sibling to play with but would also be okay as an only dog if she has a way to get exercise and stimulation to help burn off some energy.  Roxy will play hard for shorts periods of time and then sleep hard for long stretches. Roxy is a homebody and prefers being at home with her foster family.  She gets nervous on car rides, but she is doing better, and may come to enjoy them over time.  Roxy has an understanding of basic commands such as "sit", "no", "stay", "come" and "drop it".  but will need patience as she continues to master these.  She used to be shy around new people, but now she is happy to meet new people and is always ready for a pat on the head or back.  Initially Roxy may be nervous in a new environment, but she has an inquisitive personality and will slowly start exploring and getting comfortable in her new home.  Roxy's warm heart and affectionate nature will shine through, and she will quickly warm up and begin to trust those who show her love and kindness.

Let's give Roxy the second chance at life she truly deserves!

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