I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Wilson

We're happy to tell you that Wilson has a new furever home.
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Do you want to adopt a dog who has a big personality? What about a big body, too? Well, Wilson may be the one for you...

1. When I say he is a social butterfly, I mean it. Introverted folks who don’t like chatting with strangers during dog walks probably shouldn’t apply for Wilson. He will demand to say hello to everyone he meets, people and dogs included. And at 90 lbs, he’s hard to budge when he enters a stubborn spell.

2. And boy is he stubborn. He loves walks so much that as soon as he realizes you’re headed back home, he lies down… on the sidewalk, in the road, in someone’s yard. Eventually with some prodding, he’ll give up. But you have to build in some extra time on your walks for his tantrums.

3. Did I mention he loves car rides? He loves them so much that he jumped into a stranger’s car while on a walk! He likes to set his chin on the rolled-down window and let the breeze blow through his beautiful tresses. Gorgeous dog, this Wilson. He gets lots of attention even when he doesn’t ask for it.

4. Oh, he loves to be outside. Prefers it. When he’s inside, he likes to ask to go outside. And when you tell him that it’s not time yet, he lies down and sighs to let you know of his disagreement. I think in his former life he had a backyard or a farm to spend significant time in.

5. He sleeps a lot, but not as much as you would think for senior pup.

6. More great things about Wilson: he’s housebroken, doesn’t need to be crated, and isn’t destructive.

7. Oh, and he LOVES other dogs soooo much. You also have to build in time on walks for him to stare at other dogs until they’re out of eyesight.

7. Are you looking for a snuggly dog? Well, Wilson will lie right on top of you. No need for a blanket come wintertime.

8. Wilson slobbers okay?! And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Wilson came from Stokes County where his owner surrendered him to the shelter. Despite this, he is still full of love. 

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