Beautiful Together Clubs & Camps


Beautiful Together Clubs in Triangle-area schools consist of custom-created projects for students who love animals, are interested in making a genuine difference within their local community, and want to expand and explore new skills. From animal rescue or advocacy to veterinary medicine to social work and more, students are invited to dig into a true area of interest while also fulfilling community service hours towards graduation - and showcasing volunteer work that aids in college or advanced schooling admissions.

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Beautiful Together Clubs
Beautiful Together School Clubs in the Triangle


Just as our Youth Programs range from working with youth locally to working with youth internationally, our upcoming adventure camps take place at our sanctuary in Chapel Hill, as well as in locations around the world.

The purpose of our adventure camps is to expose children who are currently living in foster care, group homes, orphanages, at-risk situations & underserved communities to hands-on learning adventures, whether they take place right here in Chapel Hill or around the globe.

Our goal is to bring incredible learning opportunities to life, creating empathy and compassion for each other, other cultures, and the animals with whom we share the planet, while igniting an overall passion to care for our shared home.


Beautiful Together Sanctuary Adventure Camp
Beautiful Together Global Adventure Camps


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