I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Kruger

We're happy to tell you that Kruger has a new furever home.
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Kruger was rescued from the Harnett County Animal Shelter back in October after being picked up as a stray in August of 2023. His estimated birthdate is August 2022. He was neutered and vaccinated during his time at the HCAS. He was diagnosed with heartworms at that time as well. Kruger has finished his first round of doxycycline and is starting his second round (final round) in December 2023. I have this medication with me as prescribed to him. He has been up to date on his regular maintenance during this time.

Kruger is a gentle boy. He knows sit and paw. He is currently in training for "stay" and appropriate leash behavior. He can get excited/overwhelmed in a new environment, but quickly calms down. I believe this behavior will change over time as Kruger is experiencing new things and many changes recently. He has been instantly friendly to human visitors in our home. He has also played with our family dogs and has been playful and non-aggressive. He has been introduced to a smaller dog, but does not entirely understand the size of his own paws. He has very little cat interaction, but from what we have seen he has been very excited. He has been around teenagers in our home and done well. He was previously in a foster-to-adopt situation where the family had a two year old and a six-month old. The family said that Kruger was gentle with their children, they only needed to keep an eye when Kruger was excited as he would get "zoomies."

Currently his exercise consists of occasional outside play with our German Shepard and three 1-mile walks a day to get his energy out. This has proven to tire him and results in him relaxing around the house during the day. He has roam of the downstairs while we are home and shown no signs of excessive/inappropriate chewing (however, toys are fair game and he enjoys teething on them until they are fluff). He is house-broken and we have not seen any accidents inside the house. He is crate-trained as well. He will crate at night around 10:00pm and hold his pee and remain quiet until around 7:30am the next morning.

He eats twice a day, dry food. Purina ProPlan 1.5 cups at breakfast and at dinner. We have tested his food aggression best that we can and seen no worrying signs. We are able to take food and treats away from him/out of his paws mid-meal without any negative reaction. He is not a grazer, however, our German Shepard is and Kruger has learned to respect the boundaries of the other dogs space and food.

We have tested Kruger in the car for up to one hour and 15 minute drives and he has not gotten car sick.

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