I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Max

We're happy to tell you that Max has a new furever home.
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Max is a genuine Golden heart and all the wonderful traits we know in a Golden.  Max is house-trained, loves the company of any human, all well-behaved dogs that we have introduced to him, and loves to fetch his rope toy.  He has learned how to walk on a leash, sit patiently for a bath, and sleep indoors.  Max is so easygoing.  He lives with our older dog and 3 cats.  He does not have food or toy guarding, and he plays well with his senior brother.  Max's area of opportunity is with cats.  As any young dog does, his goal is to play.  He will chase the cats in an attempt to play.  He is not interested in catching them or hurting them in any way.  We have been working on this and we reached an understanding but sometimes impulse gets the better of him. I would not hesitate to keep him in a house with cats but this will need to be reinforced.  He is banned from getting near the chicken coop as that is just too tempting right now.

Max knows his name and is responsive when called.  We have a large yard but it is not fenced. I allow him to run off leash around the yard (supervised) and he has not attempted to run off.  He comes when called.  Max is not crate trained to willingly go into a crate.  I have not tested him to be alone for long periods of time but does not appear to have separation anxiety.  This should be tested out more thoroughly.  
I would say Max is a perfect Golden.  


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