I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Rocket

We're happy to tell you that Rocket has a new furever home.
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Hello, I was named Rocket because I am fast!  I'm considered a blue Australian Cattle dog.  I came from a cattle ranch in rural Florida that bred me and my family.  How cool is that?  I used to have a lot more space to be active in FL but my mom is in the military and had to come to someplace called Fayetteville, NC and get deployed.  We used to run together.  
I've been less active and had to spend a lot of time in my crate at grandma's house, so I'm embarrassed to say I've put on a few pounds.  I'm only 5 and still have lots of energy.  I LOVE to play catch and must brag that I actually return and drop the ball!  I want to play more!  I am smart and my mind is very active.  I need someone who will run and play with me or give me a job.  Did I mention I came from a cattle ranch family?  They tell me I'm purebred but the ranchers docked my tail for safety Reasons being around the cattle so the AKC won't recognize me. Their loss folks, their loss!
My foster mom is trying to trim me down with regular exercise and something called vegetables.  The green beans are disgusting but I am trying to like the carrots and cucumbers.  She's also working on my social skills and barking.  She has some annoying dog bark sound on her phone when she gets texts messages!  And I shouldn't be barking back?  She also has a loud clunky  printer in her office that makes really weird noises.  I investigated and found no threats.
My foster dad usually walks me and I am very good on a leash.  He says I have really good manners and am nice to other dogs.  I go right into my crate when I am asked to each night to sleep.  I whine a little because I do like to be with my humans but I settle down quickly.
I eat nicely and take treats softly, but I may slobber a bit on the water!  I'm worth all your love!  

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