I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Batman

We're happy to tell you that Batman has a new furever home.
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Batman is the sweetest tough guy you’ll ever meet. As far as we know, Batman lived his first years without a home. He arrived at someone’s house about four years ago as a feral adult, and he stuck around, grateful for the food they left outside.

Eventually, he was TNR’ed (trapped, neutered, and returned) and his ear was snipped to let everyone know he was no longer making babies. A cat whisperer neighbor slowly befriended Batman, and he went from being a cat who wouldn’t let anyone touch him to a purring lap cat who lived outside. This past summer, a coyote attacked Batman. He got away with only a few scratches, but it really shook him up. His friend contacted BTAS to find a foster who could take him in.

Batman is an enormous cat - 17 pounds and not overweight - with gorgeous green eyes. He is extremely shy, but he LOVES affection once he trusts you (and it only takes one or two visits to earn his trust). Even though he has been in foster care for several months, he still hides under the bed if he hears a noise that concerns him. Batman is a lap cat through and through. He gently headbutts and gazes into your eyes adoringly, awaiting your hand on his head. Sometimes he drools.

He really hopes his new home will feed him wet food because that tastes so much better than dry, he says. He is unfazed by cats, even when they rush into his room to raid his food bowl, but he’s unsure about the cat-friendly foster dog. Maybe in time, he will realize the dog is also his friend.

He hasn’t been around young children, but I suspect their energy may frighten him and he would remain hidden. He does great with the teen in his foster home. Batman will do best in a calm home with someone who will sit on the floor or couch and let him climb into their lap. An older person/couple or someone who works from home would be a perfect match for Batman, though he said even just someone to hang out with in the evening would be enough. He just wants someone to adore him. He spent a lot of years alone and afraid. Now he wants his own person who will love him hard and make up for all that time.

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