I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Boots (Fedex)

We're happy to tell you that Boots (Fedex) has a new furever home.
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Boots is always down to play! He loves open spaces that he can run across to chase balls and springs and would do best with many places to explore and climb on. He is able to keep himself fairly entertained, but loves having someone to play with as well. Boots sees everyone as his best friend, and is extremely cuddly and friendly whether it’s with strangers or family! Whenever he sees an open lap he will come running, and has never turned down an opportunity to be picked up. He also LOVES "making biscuits" on anything and everything when he’s in a cuddly mood. He does great when left alone, but he would likely do best in a home that is able to give him a lot of love and attention or maybe one that has another pet to keep him company. Although we weren’t able to test Boots with other animals, his easy-going personality would likely make him great with other cats or dogs of any kind. We noticed that he is great with quickly adapting to new surroundings and doesn’t waste any time starting to explore! He shows little fear to things like loud noises as well, so a busier household would likely not bother him at all. Boots is definitely a vocal cat! He will meow up at you whenever he has something on his mind, and meows occasionally if left alone in a room for too long. Overall, Boots is an extremely gentle and easy-going cat with a notable playful and inquisitive side as well. This does cause him to be interested in anything you are doing, and he will try to get into every open door (including the refrigerator!) or elevated surface he sees. While this is not a problem most of the time, he can be VERY adamant about getting a bite of the food you are cooking or eating, which we have been working on deterring him from. Despite his inquisitiveness, we have never seen him be destructive to his environment in any way. We found at that he loves watching TV with you and is particularly fascinated by nature documentaries! The only other thing to note is that, while Boots is nearly always great about using the litter box, there has been one instance (and another that we prevented) where he has seen our bed as the litter box. He may just need one or two extra litter boxes around his new home to deter this, and seems to prefer to have his litter box cleaned twice a day if possible.