I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Gilbert (Mittens)

We're happy to tell you that Gilbert (Mittens) has a new furever home.
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Updated 8/27:

When Mitten’s litter first arrived, I noticed Gilbert and Kobe seemed to get along well and had a similarity to the way they played. Gilbert was the tiny, cuddly one and Kobe the one who wanted nothing to do with being held. Over time, their bond grew, and now that they are the last two of their litter remaining, I wouldn’t think of separating them. They are best friends. They have adorable personalities and are incredibly affectionate.

Gilbert is still much smaller - over a pound smaller than Kobe. They are sleek kitties with short, silky fur. They are both playful and love to be at my feet all the time, marking my ankles with their chin, rubbing against me (and each other). They cuddle together to sleep. They have extra long tails they hold upright like a lemur, and Kobe likes to swish his around dramatically. Kobe used to hate being held and would meow plaintively when I picked him up, but now he asks to be held. Gilbert is the eternal baby, though, and loves to be cuddled up under my chin. When he gets spooked by something, he comes to me for comfort. They are both curious and brave and play together beautifully.

These brothers were spayed and vaccinated on August 19 and are now ready to go to their forever home. They will do well in a variety of households. They get along with the permanent three cats and cat-friendly 50-pound dog. They will likely do well with young children. They really love attention, but they also have each other so would be okay to home alone during the day.

Gilbert is the social butterfly of his litter. He runs to be near me when I go into the kitten room. Gilbert is still nervous about being held and prefers just pets at this point, but is becoming more and more comfortable with people. (He has never scratched, hissed at, or bitten me, even when I gave him yucky medicine.)

He was abandoned in a crowded cardboard box on a cold and rainy day when she was just days old and has been living in that farm's barn since. He isn't used to being inside a house with frequent human interaction, so he's still a little skittish.

I feel confident he will continue to friendly up in a home that is calm and understanding. He's very playful with his siblings and especially likes Kobe it seems.



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