I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Little Man

We're happy to tell you that Little Man has a new furever home.
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Little Man is an energetic, intelligent and totally affectionate 9 month old gray, brown and white tabby kitten who will add joy and entertainment to his Forever Family ‘s life. In addition to his white chest and paws, the small white dot between his eyes gives him a questionable expression as if to say, let’s play! Little Man spends hours gazing out the windows . He is mesmerized by the birds in the bushes, the occasional chipmunk (oh my!) and people with dogs when they pass by.

When his Foster Mom comes home, he perks up and wants lots of loving! He is comfortable being picked up and carefully held close for short periods of time ~ but he is his own Little Man, so he has places to go and things to do ~ like PLAY!

How Little Man loves to play ~ especially with a blue string and (formerly) multi-feathered toy and the green sock (sprinkled with catnip) that was created for BTAS kitties by at-risk youngsters program. The latter is perfect for showing off his instinctual ‘grab, bite and kick exercises’ but he has learned not to bite the hand that feeds him. He loves to carry  his blue toy around with him and has even brought it into bed with his Foster Mom.

But all that play wears a little kitten out and he also loves to sleep! Often he joins his Foster Mom in bed at night and occasionally sleeps right against her body but he has learned not to wake her up too often by playing with her feet. He is learning to consider sleeping in her lap but right now likes to sleep next to her on the couch, sometimes putting his head in her lap so he can be brushed. He has neat litter box habits so that part of his training receives an A+. 

To date Little Man has proven to be a very friendly kitten. He has met his Foster Mom’s sister and another friend ~ both cat owners ~ and Vet Nancy; he walks right up to welcome visitors to his Current Abode and lets them scratch behind his ears.



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