I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Coconut

We're happy to tell you that Coconut has a new furever home.
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Coconut, CocoBean, Coco, or Nut is around 3 months old (12 weeks on Aug 20, foster started 7/16 at 7 wks). She is a short haired tabby with extremely soft hair. She might be part dwarf because of her short stature, slightly smaller face, and large eyes. She purrs when she knows a hooman is around, even before eye contact or physical contact. She will sweetly and quietly cry out, sitting calmly next to you or gently tapping you on the leg, if one of her step-siblings is getting hooman attention and she is not. She will lay upside down and sleep in your arms. She doesn’t want to be far away from hoomans if they are around. 

ENERGY: Coco is high energy but is able to calm down after she uses it up. She really enjoys having bigger spaces with lots of toys. She is always happy to see hoomans. She has been called Nut because she has so much energy. Even though she is physically shorter than her step-siblings, she is as heavy and dominant and playful as the older two. 

COMFORT W HUMANS: Coco loves hoomans. She is very responsive to her foster family and seems to enjoy seeing any of them. She loves to be held and will snuggle next to or on top of her hoomans. 

COMFORT W OTHER ANIMALS (not kittens): Initially hissed at the dog who only wanted her food. She seems curious of the older (super calm) dog who is afraid of her. She will sneak up on the dog to sniff her, and no longer hisses at her presence. 

CONFIDENCE: Coco is a really confident personality. She was the first to explore the new space her fosters opened up to all the kittens. She is very curious and not afraid of new noises or people. 

VOCALIZATIONS: Whenever she thinks she’s being ignored she will meow to get hooman attention, and then rub against legs until she is pet or picked up. If she hisses, it is because she has been caught off guard and is naturally expressing herself. 

ALPHA/BETA: Coco is pretty assertive, and seems to get her way most times with her four step-siblings. Her confidence might be confused with dominance.