I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Pickles

We're happy to tell you that Pickles has a new furever home.
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Pickles (now called Jackfruit), aka Jack or Jack-Jack is a little over 4 months old (17 weeks on Aug 20, foster started 7/16 at 12 wks). He is an awesome short-haired tabby kitten who loves to be around others (hooman or animal). When first fostered, he was with his sister Peaches. Both were super scared of hoomans. He was sick for a couple weeks and is finally returning to his super sweet and socialized self. Now, he is often the first one to run out to greet his fosters. He tries really hard to get attention when he is not getting it! He purrs all the time and even though he might be scared initially, he quickly wants to be in the middle of things. He is super playful and curious. 

ENERGY: Very energetic and curious. Super playful with his sister and step-siblings. Climbs cat posts quickly and effortlessly, especially when trying to get more attention. 

COMFORT W HUMANS: Jack was super scared and deferred to whatever his sister was doing at the beginning. He acclimated faster and was purring very soon after arriving at the foster house. He always wanted to purr and snuggle. When he got sick, he withdrew a lot from his siblings and hoomans. Now that he is healthy again and gaining back much of the lost weight, he has returned to his social, lovey, and playful self. 

COMFORT W OTHER ANIMALS (not kittens): Jack was the first of the five foster kittens to show curiosity and interest in the older calm big dog. He was the first to go nose-to-nose (no hissing or poofing) and ever since perches somewhere near the dog to watch her if the dog is around. He seems to be in awe of the dog, always trying to be near her. 

CONFIDENCE: Jack is mostly confident. He is curious too. He is not shy around feeding times and engages quickly in play. He wrestles often with his sister and occasionally with his step-siblings. He definitely lets you know when he wants attention either by physically touching or crying out. 

VOCALIZATIONS: Jack’s meows are mostly silent; sometimes there is a little squeak. He vocalizes for wet food and attention. 

ALPHA/BETA: Jack is probably a Beta. When his sister is spooked by a new sound or person, she runs behind the washer. He often would race in behind her. Jack would be great with his sister and he would also be great with a dog.



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