I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Sally

We're happy to tell you that Sally has a new furever home.
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Sally is a shy girl who came from a rural shelter with her kittens. Once her kittens were old enough, it was time for to get some TLC and one-on-one human time. She’s timid and runs from loud noises and quick movements. With time and compassion, she is affectionate and likes her face rubbed. She is also very vocal. She knows when it’s mealtime and will meow at you until you serve her meal. She loves squeeze up cat treats. She doesn’t yet understand how to eat it from the tube but will eat it with pleasure in her bowl. She meows while she plays, and likes to carry around balls and flip around. Her favorite toy is a plush spider with crinkle inside. She obviously still has a lot of kitten energy and she’s starting to let it out now that she’s getting comfortable in a quiet home. She likes to sit at the window and watch people walk by. She spends most of the day lounging and spends maybe 2-4 hours playing throughout the day. She does well with other cats and may even do better in a home with another cat that can teach her the ropes of being part of a family. It is the greatest reward to earn Sally’s trust and have her approach you for affection.



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