I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Tao (Bright)

We're happy to tell you that Tao (Bright) has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the kitties currently available.

Tao is a sleek, beautiful kitten, and he is going to be large - he’s already five pounds at four months of age. He has been in foster care since he was a day old. His mama, four sisters, and even his foster sister have all been adopted. Now it is Tao’s turn.

So what is Tao like? He has a big personality, and he likes to be near his people. I always find him standing between my feet when I’m in the kitchen, looking up at me. He is affectionate and likes to lick my hands or cheek. His fur is silky and I suspect he could have some Russian Blue in him. His eyes are golden and his face is totally adorable. He’s quirky: he will run headlong through any closing door (though he has never tried to get outside the house). He, like his mother before him, just prefers doors to be open. He is very comfortable with the kittens, cats, and 50lb dog in the house. His meows are long and expressive, but you usually only hear it when he’s on the other side of a shut door. He is super chill. You can hold him like a baby and he’ll fall asleep, or you can make him dance on the kitchen counter and he just goes along with the fun.

Tao is bonded with Sapphire, and the two of them love to play together! Tao is generally the leader of the pack, but Sapphire tends to adapt to new environments more quickly. They make a beautiful pair. Could Tao and Sapphire be right for you? Apply to adopt them today. 

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