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Portrait Gallery for The Orphanage

This little boy waits excitedly outside one of the areas we’re renovating so he can use a brand new bathroom stall. There’s been a ton done on this project already, and tomorrow we start on tile replacement and painting.

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Orphanage Bathroom(s) Renovation PROGRESS

These are definitely some rough visuals,  no doubt – but as our team strips the bathroom of what the children at this orphanage have been using for years, we are thrilled about the simple dignity of clean, new bathroom fixtures. After all is torn out and the new equipment is installed, we can move on […]

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Kids Helping Kids – Myers Children Raise $200

HUGE THANK YOU! We want to thank the four Myers children who raised $200 from hosting multiple lemonade/cookie stands, accepting donations for orphans in Africa. They often explained to “customers” that their family is in the process of adopting and they had been learning about the great needs in Africa and wanted to help. They […]

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Kidane Mehret Orphanage Renovation Is Underway!

(Literally!) broke ground on the first phase of our bathroom renovation projects at Kidane Mehret orphanage in Ethiopia. Lots more to go but the work is officially underway! The project will include renovating 7 bathrooms and making small upgrades to the kitchen. Including: Replacing the toilet stalls and pipes Repairing the water damage Applying a […]

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