Building an Orphan Feeding Kitchen

We have been partnering with Life To Live for Korah for a while now in opening a feeding center to try to feed  as many children in Korah as soon as possible. To date, they have made food right on the spot in a small mud home – but with so many more children to feed, they really needed help building out an actual kitchen to feed more children and to store food safely. Our previous blog post shared the progress that was made in the construction of a new, larger space to feed the children of Korah.Waiting


100% of donations to Build an Orphan Feeding Kitchen are going to:

  • A Water Filter, critical for this area
  • A Refrigerator, to offer children the opportunity to eat fresh food
  • A Stove, to not only cook but also be used to bake bread, an opportunity for revenue generation
  • Hand Sanitizers, to help stop the spread of diseases and illness
  • Storage Facilities, to keep food stored safely
  • A Microwave, to expand cooking capabilities
  • Dishware, silverware, and cups
  • Food Supplies to stock the kitchen with staples such as: Teff (local grain), Rice, Pasta, Flour, Oil, Potatoes, Seasonings, etc.

This Valentines Day we got to see some awesome examples of the BIG LOVE you all have shared through your support as we spent the day shopping for appliances for the new feeding center!

With the additional donations to the Build an Orphan Feeding Kitchen we will be able to lay cement for even flooring, tear out the flammable plastic that had previously lined the kitchen, add in safer walls that open up the kitchen to add in that extra space we showed in the video we uploaded earlier, and extend the roof to cover all of it, too!

We hadn’t even budgeted for walls, a roof and flooring for the kitchen, but your generosity is making all of that possible!


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