Getting a Special Needs Kitten to his Forever Home!

Taza’s journey: getting a special needs kitten to his forever home!

Taza has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), caused by his brain not fully forming while he was in utero. Upon a clear diagnosis, euthanasia was recommended, but his foster mom asked for more time explored a better outcome. We at Beautiful Together were hoping for that better outcome, as well – even though we all knew it was a long shot.

Getting a special needs kitten to his forever home, animal rescue
Click here to see Taza playing!

Taza is healthy. He just has difficulties with movement and coordination, as well as special care requirements for his eating, drinking, and bathroom needs. Taza can’t walk, sit, or stand; he moves around by pulling himself on his side.

After much research, his foster mom discovered a group of people who have cats living with cerebellar hypoplasia – cats who are also loved dearly by their families. Taza could have a healthy, happy life in the right home, with a nurturing person committed to giving him the specific care he needs.

Getting a special needs kitten to his forever home, animal rescue
Istra, Taza’s sweet brother

Istra, his brother, is a ”typical” kitten and loves his brother. They are very sweet together, and happily play together just like other siblings do. So they would both be adopted together.

The amazing news was that she found them a mama! The challenge, though, was that she lived in Missouri. And the kittens were in North Carolina. Getting them to their new home meant that their foster mom had to fly to St. Louis and their new mama would drive either hours each way to meet her. Both of them stayed overnight in St. Louis to make sure the transition was carefully made and Taza did not have any lapse in care.

There was so much care, time, energy, and funds that went into enduring that little a homeless pet with a rocky start could go on to live a full (and very loved) life with his new family. He is worth all of it, no doubt! But donations make a huge difference in ensuring we are able to support our rescue pets – and their foster caregivers – as much as possible.

Thank you for anything you choose to give!

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