Gift in Honor of Loved Ones

What’s the sweetest, most thoughtful way to say ”you’ve captured my heart”? A gift in honor of loved ones, or in memory, that ensures our rescues have the chance to find someone special of their very own!

Making a gift in honor of a friend, family member, sweetheart or beloved pet is simple. Visit the donation page of our website, select ”dedication in honor”, and leave a special message for the recipient to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Every dollar you donate helps us feed, supply and care for animals we are fostering, pull animals out of shelters, and manage significant medical costs. This is what your generous donation can do for the animals:

  • $10 – Deworming, fecal test, leash, collar
  • $25 – Vaccination, flea & tick preventative, heart-worm test
  • $50 – Microchip, routine vet visit
  • $100 – Bloodwork, x-rays
  • $250 – Spay and neuter surgery, dental cleaning
  • $500 – Cardiologist work up and exam
  • $1000+ – Heart-worm treatment, major surgery like ACL, eye removal

Donations also go towards our build out our Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary. This animal sanctuary property will support animals in need and support pets and people in crisis.

Please consider giving to animals who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned, so that they may have a chance at a new life filled with love! ❤️