Lush Albums

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Lush Albums, which will be going live very soon. Lush Albums was created in partnership between Tamara Lackey and Fundy Software, with albums being created by Finao.

As soon as Lush Albums is launched, which will be very soon, 10% of all proceeds will be channeled directly into Beautiful Together to help fund our programs and projects shine a light on those children waiting for families and to create, oversee and conduct tangible, real-world projects to improve the lives of those children who wait.

Lush Albums are high-end, custom made fine art albums that are eco-friendly, animal-friendly and happily-priced as a beautiful album option to offer clients. They coordinate beautifully with any home decor and come in three collections – Velvety Suede, Zen Silk, and Soft Linen (you can see videos describing them further at Lush In addition, they can be designed in minutes using Fundy Software designer, which is bundled into the cost of the album, and you can receive them within a week.

At its core, Lush Albums blends the desire to give back with custom, fine art work, cruelty-free production –  and is inherently built for those who appreciate smart and efficient business products.

Tamara and Fundy both knew early on that they wanted Lush Albums to be a vehicle for children’s causes. Tamara, as co-founder of Beautiful Together, was thrilled that Fundy, who had spent two years in the Peace Corps, was not only excited to contribute but also had great ideas for future projects, as well.

More on Lush Albums coming very soon!