Orphanage Bathroom(s) Renovation PROGRESS

These are definitely some rough visuals,  no doubt – but as our team strips the bathroom of what the children at this orphanage have been using for years, we are thrilled about the simple dignity of clean, new bathroom fixtures. After all is torn out and the new equipment is installed, we can move on to managing plumbing and drainage leaks and tackling fixture issues in the kitchen.

Big thanks to Larry Leuallan, Erin Elizabeth Costa, Rangefinder Magazine/WPPILauren Wendle Tricia Kelly McCormack, Diane Rausch Belden, Sarah Coppola, Tom and Laura Witt Fenn, and Teresa Prociuk for your major contributions to this specific project! Your donations have been extraordinarily impactful.

And, of course, grateful for the major donations and the ongoing support from Lush Albums.


Orphanage Renovation Beautiful TogetherOrphanage Renovation Beautiful Together

Orphanage Renovation Beautiful Together Orphanage Renovation Beautiful Together Orphanage Renovation Beautiful Together



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