Pair of Playful Adoptable Kittens in Chapel Hill, NC

Meet Flidais, a very sweet young cat who would make a great feline companion!

For anyone needing a daily dose of cuteness, meet one of our many adoptable kitties!

Flidais is a sweet, chirpy kitten who LOVES to play, especially with her sister Bast! She’s cuddly at night, is great with being held, and is always happy to get attention from her human. She has her own interests and hobbies (exploring, sitting on the top of the cat tree, watching birds at the bird feeder), and enjoys her alone time as well. She’d be a great cat for a family or couple looking to adopt a pair of playful kittens who can entertain themselves while others are at work or school.

She could be paired with another playful cat or kitten, or she could go as a single to someone who is home a lot, but she likely wouldn’t do well being left completely alone – she really likes “alone together” time. Ideally it would be great for her and Bast to be adopted together, but they’re not bonded so it’s not a must. You can apply to adopt one or both of them on the “available cats” tab on our website!

Thank you, @mariaoglesbyart, for the adorable photos and for being such a wonderful foster!

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