Our Sanctuary Tiny Home Rescue Clinic!

tiny home rescue clinic

Our tiny home rescue clinic has arrived at our sanctuary! 

Since we began rescuing animals in need of refuge, we have pulled over 1,700 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from overcrowded North Carolina animal shelters and inhumane situations! That means a whole lot of need for medical care, which has actually been our largest expense since the very beginning. Our two vets have given our rescue animals a lot of their time, effort and expertise, and they are also now joining us full-time. And, of course, they need a place to do their full scope of work! So, we have been designing this 500 square foot tiny house to be our vet clinic for the last five months … and it is finally going to become a reality!!

Because the clinic will be on such beautiful land, we added as many windows as possible to provide natural light and to create an openness and connectedness to the rest of the property. Our rescue pets are always looking out the window anyway, so this is another great distraction for them while they are being cared for in our clinic.

Accordingly, our 10×10 outdoor exam room/porch is built to be our fear-free exam space for nervous animals (which is most animals when they are coming right out of the shelter!) It is ready for us to add screened-in fencing next. (And if you, or anyone you know, can help us with this, please let us know!) In addition to needing donations to support all of this work, we are also always hoping to find talented people who can lend their expertise to this effort.

In addition to our outdoor exam room, we have our main indoor exam room. Our surgery room is also built to our specs, complete with reinforced ceilings for surgical lighting and a separate door to the outside. Our bathroom has a room-wide shower, built specifically for us to be able to wash animals – they are often in pretty rough shape by the time we get them! We will also be building decking to create an outdoor waiting room, as well as a wheelchair and carrier ramp (and if you, or someone you know, can help us with this, we would love to hear from you!)

This is the next exciting step towards our dream Sanctuary. If you would like to contribute towards this and future building projects, every donation is incredibly helpful and appreciated!

We’d love your help!

Looking for ways to get involved in our sanctuary build? We are always in need of helping hands to clear brush, groom trails, plant trees and more! Bring your team, your book club, your friends, your family and spend an afternoon outdoors helping us prepare for all of the incredible building we have planned. 

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