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The Orphanage Bathroom Renovation is Officially Completed!

From the Tamara Lackey Blog: We are thrilled to announce that the orphanage bathroom renovation that has been in process for nearly two months is finally, totally, beautifully completed!! When we first announced this Beautiful Together project, we weren’t sure exactly how long it would take or what kind of complications we might run into, […]

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Orphanage Renovation – Bathroom Nearly Complete

The orphanage renovation project for the bathroom areas is nearly complete! This downstairs one is almost finished, and the upstairs one is about 90% there. We should be finished with everything in just a few days. It’s great to see such amazing progression on the ground here in Ethiopia. Have never been so thrilled to see brand new working toilets in our lives ; )

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Orphanage Bathroom(s) Renovation PROGRESS

These are definitely some rough visuals,  no doubt – but as our team strips the bathroom of what the children at this orphanage have been using for years, we are thrilled about the simple dignity of clean, new bathroom fixtures. After all is torn out and the new equipment is installed, we can move on […]

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Kidane Mehret Orphanage Renovation Is Underway!

(Literally!) broke ground on the first phase of our bathroom renovation projects at Kidane Mehret orphanage in Ethiopia. Lots more to go but the work is officially underway! The project will include renovating 7 bathrooms and making small upgrades to the kitchen. Including: Replacing the toilet stalls and pipes Repairing the water damage Applying a […]

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