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Latest Animal Rescue Efforts

Beautiful Together Animal Rescue Updates Wow, what a whirlwind two weeks in dog world! We have a big animal rescue effort update! Thanks to our amazing Dog Team and incredible foster squad, we were able to pull all of these dogs and more from shelters. A special thank you to our transport volunteers as well […]

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Welcoming Mama & Puppies!

Congratulations to this healthy mama and puppies! This sweet mama and puppies were rescued earlier this month (March), and we couldn’t be more grateful and excited! Thanks to some exceptional coordinating from our dog team, we were able to pull Coco from her outdoor shelter earlier than planned as she was clearly ready to get […]

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Hollywood Feed Adoption Event

Hollywood Feed Adoption Event Recap! Thank you so much to Hollywood Feed for co-hosting such a wonderful adoption event with us! 3 adoptions, some fantastic supplies donations, coupons for our adopters, and several new faces despite the weather! Hollywood Feed will be giving us the proceeds of their March roundup, so make sure you stop […]

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How to get involved with our Sanctuary Build?

Latest work on our sanctuary build & how you can get involved! We’re starting our week with a lot of gratitude! Thank you to the Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center Impact Club for volunteering your time to clean up our trails (and play with the puppies!) And thank you to Steve Lackey and Ben […]

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Upcoming Dog Adoption Event

Come join us for our Dog Adoption Event at Hollywood Feed! Looking for your next furry friend? Come meet some of our Beautiful Together dogs at our Dog Adoption Event at Hollywood Feed Chapel Hill! The event is from 12-5pm on Saturday, February 25th! Our Director of Cats will also be there to answer questions […]

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Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary’s Mission

Our mission is simple: To connect the vulnerable and the voiceless in purposeful ways that benefit us all. Thank you, from all of us at Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary! We have some great news share – an anonymous donor has offered to double all donations, up to $100,000! That means that your generosity will go […]

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How Your Donations Help

Every donation – big and small – matters, and this is how your generous donations help our animals and our vision! Bright days are ahead of us – thanks to your donations and support. We can’t wait to see our Beautiful Together’s Animal Sanctuary’s future home here in Chapel Hill become a present realty. Every […]

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Animal Rescue Sanctuary Building Updates

Since our last post, we’ve been hard at work in many different areas of our custom-build animal rescue sanctuary from small and large rescue animal efforts in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So we though that before we deep dive into site development details, we could share a holistic peek at what we’ve been up to […]

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