The Orphan Feeding Fund is Growing!

You are making a difference! The Orphan Feeding Fund is growing and we are very grateful for everyone’s support as we continue to work with our friends at Life to Live for Korah! Because of your help and generosity Life to Live for Korah has been able to move from their mud hut into a new, awesome space! The new place gives our friends the ability to feed and nourish even more starving orphans. Your funds also play a huge role in helping Life to Live for Korah grow so that they are able to reach a wider range of people. Thank You!

In a previous blog post we touched a bit on the community of Korah and why it is so vital for these children to receive a healthy meal. Once an outcast leper community in Ethiopia, Korah has now become an urban slum and home to about 130,000 of Addis Ababa’s poorest of the poor. Located right next to the city’s dump, the filthy garbage piles serve as the communities main source of food. You can only imagine the disease and illness that spreads in these living conditions. With little access to other food it is extremely important that the children of Korah are provided with a safe and healthy meal.

We are excited to continue working with our friends at Life to Live for Korah and are very thankful for the constant support you all have given us!

Donate to The Orphan Feeding Fund here!

More on Life to Live for Korah


The previous mud hut used to feed the children of Korah



The New space!

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