What our Adoption Process Looks Like?

Ready to adopt your furry friend? It begins with an adoption process!

After rescuing and caring for our animals, the very best part is insuring they go to loving and fitting homes. So, what does our adoption process look like?

Adoption process: meet our kitties!

The first step is applying to adopt. We review your application, do reference checks and ask some follow up questions of you. From there, you meet the pet that you are interested in – either in person or virtually – and we make sure you have as full a picture as possible about that animal. If it is a match for both parties, you then sign our adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and start your new life with your adopted pet!

Adoption process: Meet our puppies

Adopters have traveled in from a number of different states to meet and bring home their pet. As long as you follow our adoption process, you are able to adopt from anywhere!

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